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Sitecore How-To: Disable Sitecore Publish Site

Erik Carron and Mike Skutta


This is an article in a series of Sitecore how-to articles. These articles are meant to be quick guides to accomplish various tasks within Sitecore. The how-to articles have proven to be very helpful internally at One North https://www.onenorth.com. These articles assume working Sitecore knowledge. I just wanted to share the articles with the community. Hopefully you find them helpful.


There are various ways to publish the entire site in Sitecore and it is too often accidentally started by content editors. This is how you hide/disable all the different ways to publish the entire site.

Note: This method will hide/remove Publish Site for all users except administrators.

Step-by-step guide

Deny read access to the sitecore\Sitecore Client Users role on the following items:

  1. /sitecore/system/Settings/Key Map/Ctrl-F9
  2. /sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor/Menues/Publish/Publish Site
  3. /sitecore/content/Documents and settings/All users/Start menu/Left/Publish Site

Note: There are various ways you can hide these items, but using a deny read access to sitecore\Sitecore Client Users is the easiest way.

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